Miscellaneous Laventille United Celebrates NFA Promotion

New Club in Town… Miscellaneous Laventille United Enters T&T North Zone
April 27, 2017
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April 27, 2017

Miscellaneous Laventille United Celebrates NFA Promotion

Photo shows head coach Cedric Halewood (back row far left) with members of the Miscellaneous Laventille United team. Sham Mohammed, is seen at extreme left in the front row.

Miscellaneous Laventille United is a breath of fresh air for the Laventille community since the launch of the football club approximately three months ago.

In the relatively short space of time, the club, after being installed in the Northern Football Association of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, finished second in the First Division League competition and have been promoted to the Premier Division for next season.

The club which is overseen and coached by Cedric Hazelwood has found a generous partner in the Miscellaneous Group which is associated with organising football and Beach soccer competitions in Miami as well on local soil, being a previous sponsor for the national beach soccer team for a CONCACAF qualifier in 2013.

It is said the La Ventille or La Ventilla (the window) is so called because of its breezy outlook perched on hills to the east of Port-of-Spain, known for producing some of the best in steel pan arrangers and several prominent footballers most notably Russell Latapy.

Now the 25-members of the current club are finding a way to break down barriers, coming together from several areas in Laventille.

“So far since we have started, very good things have occurred with some quick achievements. We have players and supporters from different parts of Laventille, zones which were once warring with each other coming together to support the team. They come from areas such as Beverly Hills, Picton, St Paul Street, John John, Snake Valley, Mentor Alley, Block 22, Higher Picton, Soogrim Trace, Despers Centre and other areas. This for us is a significant achievement,” Hazelwood said.

“The sponsor Sham Mohammed and his company Miscellaneous have been supporting us greatly. He purchased boots for every player as well as uniforms and supports us in whatever little areas we need to go forward. This has made everyone happy, especially the players,  to see there is some level of backing from someone.

“And we have been working hard at our training sessions at Soogrim Trace which saw us finished second in the First Division, losing just one game. We got knocked out in the quarter finals of the FA Trophy and now we are preparing for the Savannah League this week and the Premier Division next year.”

The team lost to veteran club  and current NFA Premier Division champions Maple United 2-0 in the FA Trophy quarter-finals last week.

“We have a lot of players now wanting to join the team. It is a big hit for Laventille,” he added.

Miscellaneous Laventille United also has youth teams such as Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16.

The club’s topscorer is attacking midfielder Kareem Charles with 12 goals in so far this season.