World’s leading GPS Player Tracking/Analysis and Heart Rate monitory system now available in Trinidad and Tobago

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February 15, 2018
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March 2, 2018

World’s leading GPS Player Tracking/Analysis and Heart Rate monitory system now available in Trinidad and Tobago

Now available on location in Trinidad and Tobago through Advance Data Sports, a locally-based company that offers the world’s leading GPS player tracking/ player analysis and Heart Rate Monitor system for elite sports teams.

We use the Viper Pod which is one of  STATSports leading performance monitoring tool for elite sports teams on the market.The system is used by the leading teams in the world across multiple sports in the top competitions including the Premier League, La Liga, MLS, Serie A, NFL, NBA and many more such as Cricket Australia and IPL Cricket teams.

The Viper pod is worn by the best athletes in the world of sport for performance monitoring on a daily basis by collecting both training and game-day data. The Viper pod streams live data in real-time through the Viper Live Streaming software as well as logging all data for post-session download.

The Viper pod allows for unobtrusive feedback on individual player and team performance for every single second, of every minute, of every session, all season long. The pod is an award winning ergonomically designed unit that tapers and curves gently to fit the players back. The pod is inserted into specifically designed Viper garments (vest/base layer) to collect data on the player’s performance.

Ever wondered why players wear those black vests during training?

-Preparation or Pre-season is a crucial period as clubs prepare for the new campaign, but how do they make sure their players are in peak physical condition for the grueling months ahead? Here we will explain what are the benefits of these black vests and exactly what happens bye use of this system.

-The key component of the Advance  Data-Sports system is the Viper pod, a matchbox-sized GPS device which sits between the shoulder blades, where it monitors heart rate and measures various aspects of physiological performance. The black vests which hold them in place have become a common sight on training grounds  and the pods can be worn during matches, too.

Lionel Messi using the Viper Pod, the same device available for athletes and teams in Trinidad and Tobago through Advance Data Sports.

Viper pods are used by leading teams such as Barcelona, Juventus, Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Manchester United  as well as  Athletic Bilbao, AS Roma,  AC Milan and the Belgium, Wales, Portugal, Croatian and England National Teams.  The player tracking and analysis equipment is used by 14 clubs in the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga and also popular in other sports with NFL club Atlanta Falcons, Irish National Rugby Teams, Belgium Hockey Teams and NBA teams such as Chicago Bulls also using the same exact system. It is also used in cricket by Cricket Australia.

The devices track a player’s every move on the pitch. They can tell you loads about the player’s performances, including how far they’ve have run, how many sprints they’ve done and how heavy the workload has been on their bodies.

For further information on how you can obtain this service in Trinidad and Tobago, contact 868-681-5429.

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  • Speed
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • High Metabolic Load Distance
  • Distance
  • Sprints
  • Average Metabolic Power
  • Accelerations
  • Dynamic Stress Load
  • Step Balance
  • Decelerations
  • High Speed Running

The Viper pod device is a small box that fits into a vest worn by players under their shirts in training and matches, as Lionel Messi has done often this season.

The pods collect huge quantities of data, from running speed and distance covered to acceleration and deceleration, plus dynamic stress load. The software enables coaches to see if players are tired, at risk of injury, or need to do .more of a specific exercise.

Significantly it can help measure rehabilitation and recovery, to determine when players are ready to return from injury. Coaching staffs  can also use the live stats to monitor performance, allowing them to compile reports and make informed decisions on what players should and shouldn’t be doing on the pitch.

The technology is also used to assess whether players are at risk of exasperating a fitness issue. Running with more weight on one foot than the other, for example, can be a sign that a player is subconsciously compensating for an injury.

“The further away you are from a game, the more work will go in on the training field. So as you get closer to the game, the workload will taper off so the players are fresh,” explained Sunderland Sports Scientist Paul Walsh.

For the players, it all adds up to constant scrutiny. “There’s certainly no hiding place in football anymore, because everything is analysed so much,” says Walsh, who adds that the Sunderland squad have embraced the technology wholeheartedly.

“One of the things we provide is maximum speeds from each session, and some of the really quick players love to see who got the quickest speed. They are all really interested in what they do. It does make your life easier when you have that buy-in from the players. We use it to push them on.”

This technology is also flexible and applicable to a range of sports such as Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket and Athletics.

VIPER LIVE STREAMING – Use Viper Live Streaming to objectively see what load is being put on your players in real-time in both training and games.

The mobile antenna, which Advance Data Sports is equipped with, is the standard antenna solution as part of the Viper system for a team wishing to live stream data during training or games for real-time analysis.

  • Our industry leading model allows Viper Streaming to provide accurate performance data that matches post-session analysis. It means coaches can be fully informed when making vital decisions – when it really matters – during training and in games. The effectiveness of the antenna in monitoring a squad of over 30 players combined with its mobility and ease of use makes it the most used antenna solution with the best teams in the world of sport.
  • Viper Live Streaming utilises multiple channels and synchronised mesh networking to deliver all data streams from all units. Viper delivers all GPS speed and positional data, heart rate, R-R durations, digital compass, gyroscopic and accelerometer data; transmitting over half a million numbers every minute for a squad of over thirty players.

Viper Streaming is the only system on the market that gives a reliable, consistent comparison between live and post event data and we would be happy to provide any client with a live competitive trial to allow side by side evaluation.

Using Viper Streaming, you can measure distance, speed, heart rate variability, accelerations, decelerations, impact, dynamic stress load and various power readings such as metabolic power.

With Viper Streaming you can make live decisions with confidence.

EACH VIPER POD CONTAINS – Four processors; State of the art GPS module; 3-D accelerometer; 3-D gyroscope; 3-D Digital Compass; Long Range Radio  and Heart Rate Receiver.


The Viper system both samples and processes GPS data at 10Hz using the newest generation of GPS chipset. The data is available at 10Hz over live streaming and at 10Hz for subsequent download and post session analysis. The Viper system is one of two (APEX), GPS systems that provides true 10Hz GPS data over live streaming (real-time)


                                                             ADVANCE DATA GPS FOR ATHLETICS

The  Viper system is used by the Michael Johnson Performance Center and  incorporates the pod with accompanying software to deliver the most accurate and reliable tool in collecting and measuring training data for each individual athlete or team. The Viper System is regarded as the world’s leading athlete performance analysis system available on the market. This allows coaches to manage athlete training loads right through the entire season to effectively manage athlete conditioning levels and preventing injuries whilst leading up to important competitions.

We are pleased to offer this service to our teams and athletes in Trinidad and Tobago. For more information on how you can include this into your preparations, feel free to reach Advance Data Sports at 868 681 5429. We cater for teams or individual athletes.